Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Playlist of songs that make me cry.

Music have a deep existence in my life. It's provoke in me different feelings. In fact music is a non-verbal language that express what i want to say/ write in different ways. Crying isn't samothing bad to me, i love crying so much and i need to cry from time to time. Even when i'm not sad i thing about something sad or touching so i can cry

In this playlist i will to share with you guys the songs that makes me cry and i decided in the last second  to write this post in english so i can write also the how/why & when freely. This post will be open to the modifications because i will add the descriptions for every song

.TEEN IDLE by Marina And The Diamonds

.IN THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS by Marina And The Diamonds

.SPEECHLESS by Lady Gaga

.GYPSY by Lady Gaga

.MESAFE by Serdar Ortac 

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