Sunday, November 15, 2015

Message to the World about ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬ from Morocco

Muslims from different ethnicities (Arabs, Kurds, Amazigh,Turks...) are suffering too from terrorism like all human beings. Terrorism can happen anywhere because it's political

 :I want to say To the World
 Paris Attracts are just Theatrical planned

America is fighting terrorism since 14 years, from (9/11) but terrorism does not end ! WHY ? It became more powerful & robust & more present in the media

I think that is ISIS it's a political & economic industry & it's have political and economic goals. There is no religion who incites terrorism and killing of innocent people. Crimes committed in the name of religion but religion is just an interface to deceive people & to make hate between people of differents religions.

Stop buying oil from Isis & Stop selling them weapons and cars. Work for an economic boycott with ISIS so they don't find money to do al these bad things. Money motivates War so fought them economically & Stop the psychological warfare in the media so people don't be afraid anymore. We need strength and knowledge and not to have fear.

People pray for Paris but what about Beirut, Iraq, Syria and Palestine ? The media practiced hypocrisy; It makes those who die in Paris
HUMANS & who die in Beirut or Gaza just NUMBERS !
We must pray for all of humanity. You should not distinguish between people on the basis of religion, caste, language, race, this is the basic problem.

We need to make peace in all over the world, not only in Europe and America. All the people deserve peace not just europeans and americans because we live in ONE WORLD not THREE worlds.

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