Saturday, December 26, 2015

Marlyn Winehouse. Raw Lyrics

This is my very first Lyrics ever & i want to give it as a gift to an young singer online who like what i wrote
It's a song about the fall of Marlyn Monroe & Amy Winehouse.... I really don't trust (Like million of people)  the official version of the story about the causes of the death
.It's simply an homage to both. R.I.P 

Do you really enjoy of my crying 
Why you still drinkng my tears in the evening 
How you can  make money from my ending 
But no one can know the truth
Because it’s burned and dead

I’m the Soul not his body
I’m the characher not his picture
I’m a person not his product
I’m the story not your interpretation
I’m the teare behind the smile

If my sadness make you happy
I wanna taste my tears
Maybe it’s console me
I wanna feel a real touch
I wanna smell happy memories
Because i’m felling super sad and dark now

I’m hungry of the love & peace
Oh God, I will die alone
I will die young & live fast

The pretty ones find those who photograph them
Not those who can touch from the inside
I wanna someone who can understand me 
 save me from myself &
I tried hard to tell you who i feel

My public secrets
My fake smile
My lost years
But you will not smart enough to feel me
So i take my pill & the last oxigen
And i leave a note next to my bed
So i can sleep forever

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